The Challenge

Dealing with handwritten data efficiently

The challenges with handwritten data collection is found in the lack of efficiency while accurately reporting. Handwritten data takes time to create and organize. Storage of paper records becomes an obstacle costly in resources. Records can be damaged, destroyed, lost, or simply not on demand when you need them.

The data will ultimately be transferred to digital storage so that the project has institutional documentation that can be processed, evaluated, and easily shared with decision makers. All of these factors effect the success or failure of your project goals, overhead, and timeline.

The Solution

Enhancing the conventional workflow

Our solution focuses on workflow efficiency and enhancing conventional data collection by utilizing technology. With 15 years of field experience we understand what it takes to build efficient workflow and information paths. We specialize in creating systems that quickly and accurately collect data that is available to analyze in realtime.

Our systems move accurate data quickly to optimize productivity for agencies, land owners, researchers, ecosystem monitors, institutions, and nonprofits. We develop the tools  for clients that want to make fact-based decisions to manage ecosystems.

The Process

Cutting Edge Technology

Enabling landowners and managers to have integrated, real-time information.

> Resource Status
> Contractor Deliverables
> Landscape Scale Data Sharing
> Share Data Between Partners
> Shared Asset Managment

Our Services

We provide software tools to help resource managers more effectively and efficiently.

> Data Collection
> Storage
> Reports
> Collaboration
> Plan
> Enable

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Photo: Andre Raine, KESRP

We saved 400 hours, or 50 person days of data entry. That’s a 500% increase in efficiencyRecent Customer